Power Of The Email Marketing

For those who have an email address, you are probably very knowledgeable about enewsletters.

And, as most of us know, familiarity can breed contempt, which explains why so many of your email marketing missives are sent directly to the junk folder.

Most email marketing campaigns involve a very conventional newsletter at the two-column format which lets you tell a couple of brand stories, provide a content promotion resource, and perhaps include one of your favorite blog posts, space permitting.

However, imagine if you radically overhauled your format, then moving away from the typical layout to what could best be described as a “links only” format.

This revamped newsletter will provide you far more flexibility in regards to your own content, including a brief intro paragraph in the organization’s leader(s) followed by timely and relevant links arranged by theme.

Take the following case study-style Instance:

October 2016 (Record averages to date)

Open rate: 15.6percent

Click rate: 0.6percent

April 2017 (Record averages to date)

Open rate: 30.2Percent (2x increase)

Click rate: 1.8Percent (2x+ increase).

We believe you’ll be quite delighted with the results.

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