Movies About Gambling Addiction – Should I Watch Them?

movies about gambling addiction

Movies About Gambling Addiction – Should I Watch Them?

If you are looking for movies about gambling addiction, then this is one of the places where you will be spoiled for choice. There are so many different genres of films about the issue, and a lot of them are successful at tackling the problem in some way. Many of them are even able to point the finger of blame at gambling itself, or at those who promote it, as the main cause for such behaviour.

There is a very interesting type of film that covers the issue of gambling almost exclusively today. It’s a drama that was produced about a man who won millions on the lottery, but now has to live with the consequences of his actions. A brilliant portrayal of such a situation would have been impossible to achieve a few decades back.

But there are many other great films dealing with the problem. There is the Mask of Turbulence, and even the cocaine fuelled Easy Rider. These all deal with the issue of gambling almost entirely from a different angle. They show the consequences of the action, and how the characters are affected by it. In many cases, the film brings home just how bad the situation really is.

Another thing that gets overlooked in many of these films is the psychological effect that gambling can have on the human mind. Many people try to rationalise their addiction by convincing themselves that they are having an off day, when in reality their subconscious minds know that all the time they spend gambling is not paying off. The only way to overcome this is to see that gambling, in itself, is a problem. There are many factors that can add to the risk of getting hooked on to gambling, and some of these are things that you can control yourself.

If a film that deals with gambling does not tackle this aspect at all, then it is basically lying to you. They are either withholding information about the problem, or they are purposely trying to make gambling seem less serious than it is. Either way, it is dishonest. The best movies about gambling are the ones where you learn something about the actual problem, so that you can decide for yourself.

One of the most interesting movies about gambling I have seen is Easy Rider. This film shows the true implications of gambling, and how this is affecting everyone around them. You see all the people who come to this place, where the only money they have is what they win on the slots, and they end up devoting their lives to this vocation. The main character, played by Steve McQueen, is addicted to gambling and is not able to see it. He will go to any length to feed his habit, and he ends up getting a cross tattoo across his chest.

Another great film dealing with this subject is Don’t Take Me Home. This is another movie that is set in an ex-gambling addict’s home. This time, he runs a day care. While there, he sees all of the problems that are associated with gambling, and he makes a decision that he is going to shut it down. However, before he does, he gets a visit from his sister, who decides to come back with him. This is a movie about addiction and it deals with the guilt that people feel when they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

If you are looking for movies about gambling addiction, then you should check out the ones listed above. These are just a few of the great movies that you can choose from. Now, you know what type of movies you would like to watch, all you need to do is go online and find them.

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